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Lead Guitar

What Is Lead Guitar?

Often times in a song the guitar will take center stage to play a melody or even a solo. This video is an overview of what lead guitar is and how we come up with lead guitar parts.

lead guitarHow Can I Learn Lead Guitar?

You can learn how to play lead guitar right here with our easy to follow lessons.  Some basic lessons to get you started would be:

Learn Easy Guitar Solos

One of the best ways to learn how to play is to learn solos from popular songs.  Check out the link below to learn several popular solos that are perfect for beginner players to learn:

Scales Come In Handy

Learn your scales. It will help. Knowing scales allows you to be able to play smoothly and coherently without sounding like a train wreck. 

In a way, learning scales is kind of like learning what notes go together well when you’re playing in a certain key. Knowing these scales will give you a foundation to know what lead notes sound good together and which ones don’t.

Lead Guitar Techniques

Common lead guitar techniques include hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, slides, and vibrato.  In the video below I’ll show you how to play these techniques:



A hammer-on is simple technique of “hammering on” the
fretboard with one of your fingers to produce a note
instead of picking the note.



A pull-off is the opposite of a hammer-on. Pull-offs
are performed by picking the 1st note and “pulling-off” to
sound a 2nd note without picking it.



Bends are performed by literally bending the string
untill the note sounds at a higher pitch. They are used
mostly on the electric guitar.

slides 1 Slides


Slides are a basic guitar technique that you’ll find
in every style of music. A slide is just what it sounds
like: sliding your finger either up, down, to, or from



Vibrato adds a lot of personality to your playing. Most
great guitar players have a distinct vibrato. It’s a
key ingredient for playing good guitar.