Just Got Paid Today by ZZ Top

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“Just Got Paid Today” was the second track on ZZ Top’s second album titled “Rio Grande Mud”. It was not released as a single and was never a hit, yet it has become a staple of rock radio airwaves.

Guitarist Billy Gibbons opts for an open E tuning on this track (E, B, E, G#, B, E) and uses a slide to play much of the lead guitar parts. The rhythm guitar is also in the same open E tuning.

This is a great song to learn and practice if you’re looking to work on your slide guitar playing, but the main riff (which doesn’t use the slide) is hella fun to play, too.

Just Got Paid Today Guitar Tab

Download the complete guitar transcription to Just Got Paid Today:

Just Got Paid Today by ZZ Top PDF

ZZ Top – Just Got Paid (Power Tab)