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“I Can’t Be Satisfied” by Muddy Waters

Riff Rundown


Tuning: D, G, D, G, B, D

I did this without a slide, as some of you don’t have a slide. However, this will sound really cool if you use one. It seems like you are able to throughout. The entire focus of this song is the use of the sliding notes.


The hardest thing I have found is keeping up with the beat, which is set at 208 bpm!

Here is a metronome if you haven’t downloaded one from us already:


The verse keeps the same concept as the intro, with more emphasis on the 1/4 bends. You will be able to do this rather easily, since it’s only a quarter bend.

At the end of the measure below, I didn’t play the open palm mutes to bring it back around. I ended at the 1 and 3.


Here is the full solo:

The solo is really just a repeat of everything
you have already learned, but it’s split up into two sections.

Complete Transcription In PTB Format

Complete Transcription In PDF Format