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How To Use Practice Club

Ok, Where Do I Start?

We offer several different paths that you can follow. We’ve arranged everything into categories and have numbered the practice sessions where needed.

All the categories can be found in the sidebar on the left, or if you are using a tablet or phone to access Practice Club you’ll see something like this at the top of the screen:

mini menu


Just click on that sucker and the menu will drop down. You’ll see the different categories and a signup form for email updates (which I highly suggest you sign up for).

It’s up to you on which category to pick. Let’s say that you pick “Exercise Routines”. You click the link in the menu and you’ll see a numbered list of practice routines. You’ll start with #1 on your first day. On your next day you can move on to #2, or you can repeat routine 1 until you’ve got it down. Each session will get progressively harder, so keep that in mind.

Pick Your Poison:



Start At The Top

start at the top


Feel free to study more that one category at a time if you have extra practice time. For example, you can do your exercises, and then practice strumming. It’s up to you!

Finding The Latest Practice Sessions…

If your the type of person who like to keep on top of things, then our main page  will list the newest sessions. You can also receive email notifications anytime a new practice routine is posted by signing up for email updates (sign up form is in the menu on every page- no excuses!).

new post

New practice routine notification via email

Feedback Is Paramount

Practice Club will continue to grow and evolve. I hope you’ll find it a valuable resource for years to come. If you have an idea or suggestion for Practice Club, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. You’ll find a comment form at the bottom of every page, so let us know what’s on your mind!

If you don’t want to contact us in such a public forum, then you can use our contact form and only we’ll see it.