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Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

    You will need to place a capo on the seventh fret for this one. Make sure your guitar is tuned quite well, as the third fret on the low E string sounds a little flat if it isn’t. Remember, when you place the capo on, sometimes after you strum a few times, it CAN go out of tune, so you may want to go back and check a few times if needed. (Just a little tip to help you through this one as the capo is so high on the neck.)


    The timing here stays the same, besides a few pauses. Overall, the tablature is a bit TOO accurate. I would try to loosen up a little to provide a sense of solitude using only one guitar. Of course, the chords are above on the tablature, so if the notes confuse you, try strumming along with the audio clip using only chords. You should hear it better then.


    The verse, or main theme, of this song, is played on the audio just as it is tabbed out below. I didn’t go back and forth during the codas, because a lot of people have been getting confused with this. I plan on putting up some information on using coda’s in tablature, so soon the confusion will be alleviated. You can see in the verse, or main theme, that there is quite a bit of time changing in here. Pay close attention to the audio, and, if you need to, strum along the first few times just using the audio sample below.


    Complete Transcription To “Here Comes The Sun” (PDF)