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The Two Week Challenge: Day 5

This is a dexterity exercise designed for your 1st and 4th fingers.

The speed is not an issue here. Play this exercise at any speed that you feel comfortable.

If you did well at a standard 80 bpm, keep on going until you find that you cannot
attack the notes cleanly. I’ve included a guide at the bottom of this page for you to
test your comfort level. Again – there is no NECESSARY speed here. Just play it until
you can’t play it any faster. Then, print out the chart at the bottom and enter your strengths
and weaknesses.

Sets and Reps

  • 1 set of 5 at 80 bpm (rest 30 secs)
  • 1 set of 5 at 100 bpm (rest 30 secs)
  • 1 set of 10 at 120 bpm (rest 1 min.)

This equals 3 sets with a total of 20 reps.




1st and 4th fingers ONLY! Use your 4th finger for the high notes, and your 1st finger
for the low notes. This exercise has a triplet feel.

Download This PTB File at 120 bpm

SpeedHow Did You Do?Performance Notes
130 bpmGood | Ok | Bad
140 bpmGood | Ok | Bad
150 bpmGood | Ok | Bad
160 bpmGood | Ok | Bad

Print This Guide