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The Two Week Challenge: Day 2

This is a strength exercise that will workout mostly the 1st and 4th finger.

This is one full exercise, so it should be played in its entirety. I’ve broken it down
into two parts for the video so that you can view the fingerings easier for each bar.

Sets and Reps

Perform this exercise at 80 bpm as:

  • 1 set of 5 (rest 30 secs)
  • 2 sets of 5 (rest 1 min.)

This equals 3 sets of 15 total


All bars below are using quarter notes with a few added eighth notes in there as well.

If you want a KILLER workout, use an acoustic nylon like I did. You’ll feel the burn!
(Or an acoustic in general for that matter)


Bars 1 and 2 are Part I. Bars 3 and 4 are Part II.

Bar 1

(Hint – Place your 1st finger as close to the 3rd fret as possible, as well as additional fingers)

Bar 2

The “5” on the high E string simply moves to the B string in the next measure.

Bar 3

Watch for the eighth notes on the “10” on the high E!

Bar 4

The bar below contains a few pull-offs. This is performed by striking the 1st note on the pull-off, but not striking the second note.

In other words, you strike the “9” and pull-off to the “5” but don’t strum it. The same applies for the second pull-off.

Download This PTB File