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Endurance Exercises 1-5 (2 Finger Trill)

2 Finger Trill

To perform a trill you must hammer-on and pull-off rapidly
between notes.

When playing these exercises concentrate
on keeping a steady pattern. Keep each trill going
for as long as you can until your hand begins to cramp. When
this happens, take a short break to give your hand
an rest and then go to the next one. Pay close attention
to any specific instructions given in the exercises.
Once you get comfortable with these see how fast you can get

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Use your 2nd and 3rd fingers to play this exercise.

Exercise 3

Use your 2nd and 4th fingers to play this exercise

Exercise 4

Use your 3rd and 4th fingers to play this exercise. This
one is tough!

Exercise 5