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Easy Everyday Fingerstyle

    In this lesson, we’ll explore how you can incorporate fingerstyle techniques into your everyday playing.

    Besides, who wants to have to search for a pick every time you pick up the guitar?

    Fingerstyle can be easy, fun, and convenient!

    Topics covered in this lesson include…

    • How fingerstyle tone differs from the use of a pick
    • How fingerpicking separated strings differs from standard hybrid picking when using a pick
    • How some songs, like Dust In The Wind, can’t be performed properly without fingerpicking
    • How to perform easy “everyday” fingerstyle

    I’ll give you three examples/exercises to play along with, too.

    Watch The Lesson Video

    Try The Examples

    Watch the video above to learn how to play each example/exercise.

    Example 1

    fingerstyl 1

    Example 2

    fingerstyle 2

    Example 3

    fingerstyle 3