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Deck The Halls Version 1


    To play this song correctly, you will want to utilize the old rule of thumb about playing notes. Remember, we want to utilize logical fingering, so you usually want to try to match your finger with the note being played. For example, you can see below that we are using our 3rd fingers to play the “root” notes on the Low E string. It may seem a little uncomfortable, but by doing this, you are going to have greater ease in playing some of the harder notes that you just can’t hit without the rule of thumb.

    You will use all of your fingers in most of these measures, so try to stay with the suggested fingerings. If you simply cannot play the songs using the fingerings we are suggesting, that is fine. We are just trying to give you a guideline to follow


    In the third measure, there is a little stretch. It will be on the second and fifth frets of the G and B string. If you follow the fingerings, you should be able to breeze through this.


    Notice in the third measure below that you are just playing a C chord to transition into the fourth measure.

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