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“Classical Gas ” by Mason Williams

    Mason Williams reached his peak in the late 1960s. A humorous scriptwriter and virtuosic acoustic guitar player and composer, Williams reached the top of the hit parade in 1968 with his classical folk guitar instrumental, “Classical Gas.” Although it took six months for the single to become a chart-topping smash, it went on to win Grammy awards as Best Instrumental (Theme) Composition and Best Instrumental (Theme) Performance, as well as a Best Instrumental Orchestral Arrangement award for arranger Mike Post.

    Difficulty: Intermediate


    Next we move to Pre-Chorus 1:

    Pre-Chorus 1

    Then into the Chorus:


    Then the Interlude…


    Then it’s the Bridge:


    Then to the Pre-Chorus 2:

    Pre-Chorus 2

    Believe it or not, the rest of the song repeats itself.

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