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Chronicles 2 DVD

New: Over 30 More Essential Guitar Lessons


The Chronicles DVD series is a great way to experience learning guitar with Guitar Alliance.

The first Chronicles DVD was a smashing success and I’ve received nothing but positive feedback. In fact,  many of you are already hungry for more.  In response, I’m very excited to announce a new DVD in the Chronicles series.

This brand new DVD is called “Chronicles 2” and is ready to ship to your front door:

  • It contains  2 hours and 45 minutes of the latest and greatest Guitar Alliance lessons
  • Over 30 lessons in all
  • Just pop it into your DVD player and get ready to learn.  It doesn’t get any easier! 
  • No longer will you be restrained by your computer or the internet.

Something For Everyone

This DVD is not a random collection of guitar lessons. It is a
collection of lessons focusing on five critically important topics. The lessons are presented to you in chronological order, so you can progress from lesson to lesson without confusion. The five topics are:

  1. Chord Phrasing  (9 lessons): Discover rhythm guitar tactics that are almost NEVER taught.  “Chord phrasing” will allow you to take any chord progression and turn it into your own form of personal expression (not just the same old up, down, up, down strumming) . With Chord Phrasing you’ll take the chords of a song, plus notes associated with these chords, and create your own phrases.
  2. Sight Reading (2 lessons): One thing many guitar player neglect is learning how to properly read music & tab notation. In these videos I’ll  show you a little about what’s on the page when you look at a piece of music. I’ll also show you how very important guitar-only techniques are notated.
  3. Improvisation (8 lessons): Whether you are just learning how to play the guitar, or you already have some basic skills, these lessons can help you to improve your improvisational skills -dramatically.  Learn key box patterns that will provide you a road-map to endless improvisation ideas.
  4. Fun With Drop D (4 lessons): These lessons focus on creative things that you can do with the popular drop D tuning. Use harmonics and open strings to create a layered sound, creating a melody with one finger, and how to play fast power chords with the tuning.
  5. Technique Building (8 lessons): We all want to possess nimble fingers. How else can we can play those fast passages fans crave.  This series of exercise will give you hands-on training to help you develop your chops. Follow the program and you’re guaranteed to play faster.

It’s Truly A Massive Collection Of Guitar Secrets

Video thumbnail for youtube video TECHNIQUE EXERCISES @ 63 BPM - Guitar AllianceThis DVD is PACKED with information and you can have it all- right at your fingertips. You’ll improve your guitar playing skills and knowledge of the instrument.

On this DVD I’ll reveal to you new concepts and techniques that will sky-rocket your guitar playing.

You’ll receive the following lessons:

  • The C Shape: Learn the “built-in” scale pattern for the C chord
  • Returning To The Root: Here’s how to really bring your phrases home
  • Spicing Up Open C: Is your strumming getting boring? Here’s how to liven things up…
  • The Major Scale: Discover how the major scale can be used with for your rhythm guitar parts
  • The Relative Minor: Here’s the yang to the major chords ying
  • C Chord Variations: Create new chords by using the major scale
  • Slash Chords: One of the best ways to set your chord progressions apart from the competition
  • The Tonic/Relative Minor Connection: A popular way to connect the two chords
  • C Shape Recap: We’ll tie things up with a composition that drives it all home
  • Sight Reading: Find out what all those funny symbols mean 
  • Melody In C: A fun exercise that will show you how to create killer melodies
  • The Beginner’s Box: Use this pattern to begin improvising today
  • Playing Outside The Beginner’s Box: Learn how to “break the rules” by adding “wrong” notes to your improvisation
  • Sliding Out Of The Beginner’s Box: The beginner’s box can be limiting, so here’s how you can escape it
  • The Intermediate Box: Here’s another improvisation pattern that connects right up to the beginner’s box
  • Intermediate Box Licks: Here’s a sampling of the types of licks you can create
  • The Albert King Box: One of the most popular patterns for improvisation
  • Pentatonic Power: Discover why the pentatonic scale is so critical to your success
  • Putting It Together (Improv Recap): Now you’re ready to start improvising on your own!
  • Tuning To Drop D: Here’s how to tune to this popular tuning
  • Drop D Power Chords: Create power chords with ease
  • Drop D Harmonics: Discover how to create jaw dropping sounds with open strings and harmonics
  • Drop D Creativity Exercise: Drop D is fun to play around with and here are some ideas of some of the things that you can do

You’ll also find eight technique builder lessons with exercises that will help you to improve your playing speed:

  • Technique 1: 72 bpm
  • Technique 2: 72 bpm
  • Technique 3: 76 bpm
  • Technique 4: 76 bpm
  • Technique 5: 80 bpm
  • Technique 6: 80 bpm
  • Technique 7: 84 bpm
  • Technique 8: 84 bpm


Limited Time Offer


“Guitar Alliance Chronicles: Volume 2” is ready to ship to your front door.

Be among the first 100 people to respond to this offer and you’ll get “Chronicles 2” at the introductory price of only 29.95.

The price will go up once the first 100 units are sold, so it’s in your best interest to act right away in order to insure your discount.

Complete Music, Tab and Reference Material Included

music notes

Of course you’ll need more than just the video. I’ll provide you with a download of 34 pages that you can print out. It will have all the music, instructions, and diagrams you’ll need for the DVD. You’ll have everything you need to learn right in front of you! Watch the video on the screen and use the print outs to follow along.

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with the DVD, I’ll gladly refund your entire investment, so there is absolutely no risk to you.

Take Action Now

Your purchase of “Chronicles: Volume 2” is a great way to support Guitar Alliance and I hope you’ll reserve your copy today. You must hurry, because there are only 100 copies will be made available at this introductory price

Just click the “Add To Cart” button below to reserve your copy  of Volume 2 today:

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pupandkenP.S. I don’t know how long this offer will last. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but only 100 copies will be sold at this introductory price. It’s in your best interest to act today to insure your reservation.

With my money-back guarantee you can be sure that your satisfaction will be met.

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