Chords In The Key Of F

The 1st, 4th and 5th chords are the most important chords in any key signature. They are often referred to by roman numerals, or the I, IV, V chords. In the key of F they are F major (I), B flat major (IV), and C major (V). Learn what other chords work well in this key signature.

Fig. 1: The F Major Scale

Fig. 2: Triads Built From The F Major Scale

1.) F Major

2.) G minor

3.) A minor

4.) B Flat Major

5.) C Major

6.) D minor

7.) E dim.


Here is a sample progression built from the F major scale/chord system on this page.

A#/Bb – C – F – A#/Bb – C – F – Am – Dm – Am – Dm – A#/Bb – C – F