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The D Shape

The open D chord is another important fretboard “shape”. Here we’ll learn about the “built-in” pentatonic  scale pattern that surrounds and encompasses the D chord?

Fig. 1

Here’s the fabulous open D chord:

Fig. 2

Here’s the D chord with it’s pentatonic scale shape:

Fig. 3

In this diagram you can see how the open chord shape and scale shape surround each other:

Fig. 4

Suggested fingerings:

Fig. 5

I should tell you that I added the 3rd note on the D string. Later we’ll learn the movable shape for the scale where this note will be on the G string instead.  The only problem is that the open position doesn’t  allow for this  note.  If we literally keep to the actual pattern it would look like the diagram below- just imagine that extra note on the G string- it would be on the “-1 fret”, or a half step below the open G string.