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G, C Chord Progressions

Fig. 1: G Pentatonic

Fig. 2: C Pentatonic

Holy cow, it really shares a lot of notes with the G pentatonic. Just change your B note in the G pentatonic to a C note and you magically have the C pentatonic.

Fig. 3: Fun Rolling The Open Strings

Fig. 4: G And C Working Together

Fig. 5: G Or C Pentatonic: You Can’t Go Wrong

The notes from these two scales are completely interchangeable when play over G or C chords.

In the exercise below, hold each chord the entire measure while adding the notes from the scales. The C note added with the C chord will also fit in over a G chord and as will a G note with a C chord. Remember that C is the 4th scale step in the G major scale- and G is the 5th scale step in the C major scale and is in the actual C chord. While we’re at it, the B in the G pentatonic is the 7th step in the C major scale, so the B note will work in C as well.

Once you can play this exercise as written try to switch the chords, but keeping the scale pattern. For example: play the C chord, then the G pentatonic, then the G chord, and finally the C pentatonic.