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Chord And Lyric Archive- Over 1000 Songs!

    How would you like to have a collection of chords and lyrics for over 1000 songs?

    That’s just what you’ll find with the “Ultimate ChordAnd Lyric Archive”!

    These easy-to-play versions of the songs are great for performance for family, friends, the local coffee shop, or even to play with a full-scale band (like I do). The chord symbols are displayed, along with the lyrics, so that you can play and sing along.

    I perform cover songs with a band and I like to keep a music book handy whenever I perform- especially for songs I’ve just worked up or songs I don’t know very well.

    I can remember a lot of my songs and, after a while, I don’t really need the chords and lyrics anymore. On the other hand, I’m no spring chicken anymore, and sometimes it takes a while for my mind to absorb and keep up with all of the songs.

    My music book is there to help jog my memory and it’s there to allow me to play more songs not already committed to memory.

    That’s what’s great about these versions of the songs. They’re just what I need to keep me on track.

    This massive song collection is a must-have for beginning players, seasoned players, and one-man bands. Here’s the link to grab your download today:

    Ultimate Chord And Lyric Archive