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10 Great Licks From “Texas Flood”

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Although “Texas Flood” has three verses of lyrics, the song is more of a prolonged guitar solo, allowing Vaughan to show off his characteristic electric blues style. Stylistically, “Texas Flood” is structured around the common three chord blues progression. Written and performed in the key of G (which sounded in F# because Vaughan tuned his guitar half a step down), it is in 12/8 time, or compound time, which gives it a “slow burning” feel that is common in Texas blues. Intro PTB File PDF File

The Expanding Blues Turnaround

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In music, the V-IV-I turnaround, or blues turnaround is one of several patterns traditionally found in the twelve-bar blues, and commonly found in rock and roll.

The expanding turnaround has a moving melody line that moves away from a static note.

This one is shades of ZZ Top’s ‘Jesus Just Left Chicago’.Read More »The Expanding Blues Turnaround

Fun With Double Stops & Trills

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With this blues lick we’ll be using two techniques that are common in blues playing called double stops and trills.

A double stop is the act of playing two notes simultaneously. In performing a double stop, two separate strings are depressed (“stopped”) by the fingers, and plucked simultaneously.

A trill is a rapid alternation between two adjacent notes. A trill is usually a quick hammering on and pulling off between two notes. It’s a very flashy technique, but easy to master.

This lesson includes tab for the lick, the suggested fingerings, complete instructions, and a demonstration video.

Read More »Fun With Double Stops & Trills