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Can’t You See

Can’t You See Chords And Lyrics

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to strum through the song “Can’t You See” by The Marshall Tucker Band.

Verse 1

The verse lasts for 8 measures. You can divide the verse into two halves. The first part half deals with taking a freight train and goes like this:

I'm gonna take a freight train, 
Down at the station
I don't care
where it goes

The second half of the first verse we’re climbing a mountain to jump off. Pretty depressing stuff!

Gonna climb me a mountain, 
The highest mountain, Lord, 
Gonna jump off
nobody gonna know 


When the song gets to the chorus we understand why all the dramatic lyrics in the verse.

D              C              G                           D
Can't you see, can't you see, what that woman, she been doin' to me
D              C              G                       D 
Can't you see, can't you see, what that woman been doin' to me

The lyric “can’t you see” is sung over the D chord and then the C chord. “what that woman” is over the G chord, and “she been doin’ to me” is over the D.

Verse 2

I'm gonna find me 
A hole in the wall
G                     D
gona crawl inside and die
D                  C
That lady, mean ol' woman Lord
G                       D
Never told me goodbye

Verse 3

Gonna buy me a ticket now, 
As far as I can, 
G                     D
Ain't never comin' back
Take me Southbound, 
All the way to Georgia now,
G                     D
Till the train run out of track


This song has been a staple of live music for many years. It’s no wonder, as the song resonates with audiences, it’s easy to play, and it allows you creative freedom. Perfect!

Chord Progression

Let’s start with the basic chord progression. It’s the same D, C, G, and D progression over and over. You’ll play the same chords during the verse, chorus, and solos. Super easy just D, C, G, D over and over.

The song is in standard time, so each measure gets four beats. The chord progression lasts for 4 measures before it repeats. Each chord lasts for one measure. That’s 4 beats for each chord.

Chord progression for "Can't You See".

Chord progression for “Can’t You See”.

Strumming “Can’t You See”

When you are just starting with the song you can simply strum straight quarter notes or, better yet, straight eighth notes.


Straight eighth notes.

Later on, once you get a feel of the song, you can add to and modify the chord progression and strumming pattern (more on this later). For now, you’re ready to start learning the vocals.