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Can’t You See- Marshall Tucker Band

    This song has been a staple of live music for many years. It’s no wonder, as the song resonates with audiences, it’s easy to play, and it allows you creative freedom. Perfect!
    Here are the download files for the song with all the chords and lyrics:
    Can’t You See- Marshall Tucker Band PDF
    Can’t You See- Marshall Tucker Band TXT

    Chord Progression

    Let’s start with the basic chord progression. It’s the same D, C, G, and D progression over and over. You’ll play the same chords during the verse, chorus, and solos. Super easy just D, C, G, D over and over.

    The song is in standard time, so each measure gets four beats. The chord progression lasts for 4 measures before it repeats. Each chord lasts for one measure. That’s 4 beats for each chord.

    Chord progression for “Can’t You See”.

    Strumming “Can’t You See”

    When you are just starting with the song you can simply strum straight quarter notes or, better yet, straight eighth notes.

    Later on, once you get a feel for the song, you can add to and modify the chord progression and strumming pattern.