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CAGED Minor Scale Shapes

You might as well print out this page, because the patterns
on this page are mandatory for every guitarist. They are
the fundamental building blocks of your soloing and you
will use the for many years to come.

These 5 basic minor scale patterns are the same exact
patterns for the major scale patterns, except they are
associated with different chords. These patterns are the
same thing as the 5 pentatonic minor positions, also.

The pictures on the left are the patterns with their suggested
fingerings. The pictures on the right are the patterns
with their CAGED chord counterpart they are associated
with highlighted.

Memorize each pattern.
You should be able to identify them by name and you should
know exactly which note is their root note (marked by an “R” in
the pictures on the right).

C Minor Scale Pattern

A Minor Scale Pattern

G Minor Scale Pattern

E Minor Scale Pattern

D Minor Scale Pattern