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Buckets Of Rain by Bob Dylan

We are going to work on this song in sections. The guitar will be in standard tuning.

Part I

In this part, we open the song. Pay close attention to the metronome that has been provided. It will be crucial in playing this song. Part I will repeat the E and A chord structure over and over. It is basically setting the “mood” for the song.

Since you will never fret the Low E string, you will be able to completely block that string out of your mind. It will be your bass note in Part I.



Part II

This part changes everything! We have to cover four chords in two measures, so you know this will require a bit of urgency.

Part III

Here we are basically coming back to the concept in Part I. You are still working with the E and A chords, utilizing the hammers and pulls.

Watch for the dotted note in the first measure you see below!

Part IV

Here we are combining a little of what you have learned throughout this song.

Part V

Continuing what you have learned thus far….and then some! The very last bar in this part is a little tricky, as we are playing on one end of the guitar, right back to the other.

Part VI

Your finale…Here, you are recapping everything you have learned to end this song. The only thing to really watch for here is that you aren’t playing the standard open E chord at the very end. You want to create a thickness to end the song, so in this case we are playing it on the seventh fret.

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