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“Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison

    Difficulty: Easy

    Though this song isn’t really difficult, there are a few things
    that may be hard to play on your acoustic, as some of the fretting
    is a little daunting on the acoustic neck.

    Here are the chords used for the song :

    The song is set to a brisk 140 bpm, so I would personally recommend
    working with this at that speed. You will be tempted to play it
    slower, as I was. Try the best you can to stay correct with the
    rhythm. That is one thing that is so hard about these lessons.
    It’s hard to convey the appropriate rhythm without you spending
    a great deal of time learning about the basics of rhythm.


    Verse Theme

    The Verses do change, but the theme is still the same.

    By learning the Intro and the First Verse, the Second and Third
    Verse should be no problem.

    Here is the rhythm :

    Here is the lead :

    Here they are together :

    Chorus Theme

    The bass part that comes in at the end is below. I used it to
    show the transitition :


    Full Version In PDF Format

    Full Version In PTB Format