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Brick by Ben Folds Five

    You will need to tune your guitar as follows :

    D, G, D, G, B, E

    This song is incredibly fun to play, mainly because it has a very simplistic approach, but makes high usage of the open “low E” (tuned to D) note. The song is in standard time – which is – everyone now! – 4/4 timing. The audio is accentuated for timing purposes. It is played on the cd using a piano ( Ben Folds primary instrument), but Ben Folds also plays acoustic to this song in some live shows. That also explains the erratic picking pattern that you will see.To begin the riff, notice that you will only be playing a total of three chords, but the picking is a bit tricky. You may find yourself picking the notes without even realizing it, because the notes provide a very even flow. Start off with a D chord, which should be easy to play even for beginners. If you are having trouble with it, simply notice that the tab shows you where to place your fingers. For the next chord, you will be playing a Dsus2. Take a look and see that all you are doing is taking your 2nd finger off of the “high E” string. For the next chord, you will be playing a G6sus2. Play that by placing your 1st finger on the fifth fret on the “low E” string, and your 3rd and 4th fingers on the “D” string and the “G” string.






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