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Blues Keep Chasing Me by Kenny Neal

    A#   F7    C7     Cm7
    A#7  F7    C7     Cm7    C
    [Verse 1]
    C7                 A#
    I been having the Blues
    Cm7        C7
    All of my life
    C7                Cm7
    Didn't want to do wrong
    Cm7                C7
    Couldn't get it right
    F      F7        F
    Blues keep chasing me
    C7  Cm7      C7
    All my self
    C7        A#           A#7
    I said I tried to get away
    F7           C7    C7
    Ooh, I tripped and I fell
    [Verse 2]
    C7         Cm7
    I get back up
    Cm7           C7
    And dust my feet
    C7      Cm7      C7
    Can't let these Blues
    Cm7    C7    Cm7  F7
    Get the best of me
    F7                F7
    I've been trying y'all
    Fm7             F7
    Doin' the best that I can
    C7       Cm7                C7
    But these old Blues don't know
    Cm7            C7
    I'm a changed man
    A#     A#          F7
    Blues leave me alone
    F7      F7                  Cm7
    'Cause I know right from wrong
    [Instrumental Bridge]
    C7        C7       C7      C7
    F7        F7       C7      Cm7
    A#        F7       C7      Cm
    C     C7 Cm7       C7      Cm7
    F         F        C7      C7
    A#7      F7        C7      Cm7
    [Verse 3]
    C7                      A#7
    When the Blues come knockin'
    Cm7        C7
    At my door
    C7          Cm7 C7
    Gonna tell the Blues
    C7   Cm7            C7          F7
    That man don't live here no more
    F7        F7         F7
    Got a new way of living
    F7           C7      C7
    I finally got it right
    C7       A#7     F7
    So go on Blues
    F7               C7
    Stay out of my life
    C7          Cm7
    And go on Blues
    C7      C7    Cm7
    Stop chasing me
    C7     F7      F7
    Mmm Blues
    F7     F7     C7
    Stop chasing me
    A#7           F7
    I once was blind
    F7          C7
    But now I see
    [Instrumental Outro]
    C7    C7   A#   C7
    Cm7   F7   Cm7  C7
    [Repeat and slow Fade]

    Neal preserves the blues sound of his native south Louisiana, as befits someone who learned from Slim Harpo, Buddy Guy, and his father, harmonica player Raful Neal.