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“Big Love” by Fleetwood Mac

    CAPO – Fourth Fret

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Ok. You are going to have some fun with this one ! You might want to
    set your metronome to 144 bpm (beats per minute). We are going to loosely
    show you how to play this song. Now, the important thing to remember
    is that Lindsay is notorious for his fingerpicking ability, as he doesn’t
    use a pick at all in any of his songs. He claims that he is better with
    his fingers.

    There will probably be times that you get lost. We did too. We are
    going to play this straight through the tablature so you can get the
    idea. What I would recommend is downloading the PTB file and listening
    to it while you are playing. We are going to try to get all the fingerpicking
    correctly so that you can hear it more effortlessly, but notice that
    the notes are very sporadic. As a matter of fact, watching him play
    this on “Fleetwood Mac : The Dance,” I have found that he
    really just attacks the guitar, trying to hit all the notes in between.
    Some of the notes are dead on while others he lets slide on by. That
    is what we are going to do. We are going to get the concept of this
    by focusing more on the strumming. Try a very rigid straight up and
    down motion the whole time to get the feel for it. Don’t worry SO much
    about the notes hiding in the measures. They are mostly just filler
    for the lack of other instruments in the song. You will want to create
    some strumming in between.

    If you feel like you are getting confused or lost, try just focusing
    on the chords at the top of each measure. They will help you find your
    pickup point.

    I tried to help a little by playing the strumming once through the
    whole song. What I did was play along with the PTB file. I followed
    it through the whole song, so this audio won’t sound like the lessons.
    This is the full version, just playing chords. It will REALLY build
    your strumming hand if you try this. (It’s really hard to keep up with
    the PTB, but try it. It will help you play the notes easier when you
    pick them out.)

    Here is the MP3 so you can download it :

    Big Love


    Verses 1 and 2

    Choruses 1 and 2

    Guitar Solo



    Chorus 3 ( with Outro )

    Here are the chords for the last two measures :


    Em :

    Am :

    G6 :


    Complete Transcription To “Big Love”

    Complete Transcription To “Big Love”
    (Power Tab)