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“Big Empty” by Stone Temple Pilots UNPLUGGED

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Ok. You will be playing some slide in this song. The tuning is standard, so if you haven’t played slide before, this lesson may be considered Advanced. It’s not really that hard, but it is VERY tricky.

    Big Empty


    Here is the full intro :

    Here are just the chords so you can practice your slide

    Verse 1

    Chorus 1

    The opening of the Chorus is played twice. That’s why
    you see the bold dotted ends in the first bar.

    Verse 2

    Chorus 2

    The same applies here. The first bar is played twice.

    Chorus 3

    This chorus is actually broken down. You will play this
    straight through as you see it.


    Complete Transcription In PDF Format

    Complete Transcription In PTB Format