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“Annie’s Song” by John Denver

Difficulty: Intermediate

There are 2 guitar parts in this entire song. If you can learn the Intro and the 1st Verse, everything else is repetitive. Don’t let the rather brisk pace to confuse you. The chords you are playing are standard chords that we all should know by now.

It might take a little while to get everything up to speed, but once you get the theme
down, the chords repeat rather frequently.


Guitar 2 is playing natural harmonics
(N.H.) which is played by lightly touching
the string noted on the tablature just
a little behind the middle of the fret
that is noted. You’ll know when you get
it right. It just sounds like a harmonic!
Pay close attention to the timing – it’s
3/4. I found it rather hard to hit these
harmonics with the Ovation I am using.
Try your best and experiment with different
acoustics if you have them!

Verse Theme

Here’s the main guitar:

Here’s the lead guitar:

Here they are together:

Transcription In PTB Format

Transcription In PDF Format