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Across The Lines- Tracy Chapman

    Tracy Chapman helped restore singer/songwriters to the spotlight in the ’80s. The multi-platinum success of Chapman’s 1988 debut was unexpected, and it had a lasting impact. Although Chapman was working from the same
    singer/songwriter foundation that had been popular in the ’70s, her songs were fresh and powerful, driven by simple melodies and affecting lyrics. At the time of her first album, there were only a handful of artists performing such a style successfully, and her success ushered in a new era of truth in music.

    Intro Riff

    The third and fourth measures are identical.

    Begin the first measure by placing your 1st finger on the ninth fret on the “high E” string. Place your 3rd finger on the eleventh fret, and place your 4th finger on the twelfth fret. Play the first measure according to the tablature.

    Begin the second measure by moving your fingers that were positioned in the first measure to the seventh, ninth, and tenth frets accordingly.

    Play the third measure by barring your 1st finger on the fifth frets on the “B” string and the “high E” string. Place your 3rd finger on the seventh fret on the “G” string. Play the last two measures accordingly and you are finished!

    Riff Resources

    Complete Transcription To “Across The Lines” (PDF)