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Acoustic Guitar Secrets: “Suspended Chords” 

    What Is A Suspended Chord?

    A suspended chord is a chord that creates a subtle harmonic tension by adding an extra note that sounds like it wants to resolve back to the original chord. You can hear their use in most types of music. Usually, this extra note replaces the  3rd.

    A suspended chord creates a little tension that makes it sound like it wants to resolve back to the regular chord? As an example, a Esus chord resolves back to E. As a general rule you should always please the ear by resolving the suspended chord back to the original chord.

    There are two types of suspended chords we’ll talk about in this lesson. They are the suspend 2nd and the suspended 4th.

    This Lesson Includes…

    • How to play 10 suspended chords in the open position
    • How to play suspended 2nd and 4th chords
    • How to play barred version of suspended chords
    • How to use suspended chords
    • Suspended chord exercises
    • Complete video and tab

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